• Pinnacle School/Active Learning Academy has thouroughly been reviewed and completed all necessary steps to be recognized by both the College Boards and the State of Florida - Department of Education
  • The N.C.A.A. conducted their review of Pinnacle School/ALA and acceptance was granted in 2005.

College Boards - CEEB/ACT Code: 370502
Fl. Dept. Education Code: 581853


Is Pinnacle School accredited by the state or the Federal Government?

No. Accreditation of Private; Christian, Parochial, non-traditional, non-public schools is a great source of misunderstanding. Neither the Federal Government nor any state has established an official accreditation program for private schools like Pinnacle. Pinnacle School, like every other private institution, is accredited by private accrediting agencies. States set standards and guidelines pertaining to the operation of non-public secondary schools. Additionally, laws, statutes, and regulations are in place involving the establishment and operations of non-public schools. Be assured - Pinnacle School functions in full compliance with all laws, statutes, and regulations, standards and guidelines. As required by law, Pinnacle School's distance learning, home education program - Active Learning Academy, is listed with the state of Florida’s Department of Education as a private, non-religious elementary and secondary school. ALA's official school number is #581853. For further information on regulations pertaining to private schools in the state of Florida and to see the state’s complete list of private schools in all categories, visit their website. Note: You'll find ALA listed in the Sarasota County School District. Florida Department of Education

Who determines Pinnacle School’s academic standards?

All Pinnacle School standards regarding graduation and credit requirements, at the high school level, are set by credentialed, private school instructors. These teachers, holding credentials in virtually every discipline, make decisions based on state guidelines.

Is Pinnacle School accredited by a private accreditation agency?

Yes it is. Pinnacle School is fully accredited by the National Conference of Private Schools and the International University Accrediting Association.

Some accrediting agencies are concerned with only one standard as it regards its accredited members: Consumer protection. Our accreditation, however, covers much more than one basic standard. In addition to validating that our program is what it purports to be, Pinnacle School's accreditation relies on an annual, peer council review process whereby an elite selection of educators from within the private school and distance learning marketplace conduct a review of Pinnacle School's operations.
Each council review evaluates Pinnacle/ALA's 12 month self-study in addition to a report undertaken by associate, accredited school members.

The goals of each review are:

  • school effectiveness
  • improvement
  • student/family assurance

This process establishes a level of acceptable quality for all accredited institutions. The agency's accreditation standards are high and focus on virtually every aspect of a school’s operation. The standards, as applied to Pinnacle School, typically exceed minimal standards set by state departments of education. These standards are reviewed periodically by our board and select member school administrators, thus reflecting the independent nature of our accreditation process. Combining this process with recognition of both national and state education regulations, families can feel very comfortable with Pinnacle School's credibility, its striving for excellence, and its commitment to high educational standards.

Can I use my Pinnacle School transcripts to apply to college or trade school?

Yes. Hundreds of ALA/Pinnacle School graduates every year continue their education at a trade school, community college or university.
Remember, simply graduating from high school is usually not sufficient - by itself – to gain admission to an institution of higher learning. All students must also meet the school’s entrance requirements. Earning a sufficient score on the SAT or ACT exam is a requirement of most institutions of higher learning. The school to which a student is applying may require a student to pass an admissions exam and/or obtain a particular GPA.



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