Why Use a Private School for Home Schooling?

You have the choice of to whom you wish to be accountable. Most families prefer to be accountable to people that hold similar religious, educational, and philosophical views rather than the government, superintendent or an employee of the public school system.

In some instances, when you register with Pinnacle School, you need not register with a superintendent, school district, or any public agency. A letter of 'intent to school at home' is normally unnecessary. In fact, there is typically no required contact with any government employees. The only information we are required to give to any agency is the number and ages of students enrolled. Your privacy is maintained.

Pinnacle School had to go through the proper legal and lawful steps required by the state of Florida, the various local business and tax agencies, meet all state requirements for private schools, and meet accreditation requirements. We are not a "here today, gone tomorrow" operation.

Input from many other home school families, combined with an experienced staff, means that common new home schooling errors can be avoided. This gives us a large pool of experienced veteran home schoolers. Odd situations most likely have already been encountered, therein allowing for quick answers to questions arising from most situations.

Our corporate status allows us the privilege of; previewing learning materials, setting up of accounts with suppliers and vendors, and providing discounts to families from associate companies. Also, teacher's manuals, books, tests, etc. are many times not available to anyone but corporate schools.

We recommend both Curriculum Solutions, Inc. (Core Curriculum of America), and Homeschool Supercenter (Homeschool Supercenter) for all your curricula needs. They both provide complete, full-year curriculum packages. Core Curriculum of America customizes each package to meet the individual needs of students, whereas, Homeschool Supercenter carries Pre-Chosen Basic, Intermediate, and Deluxe curriculum packages selected from over 10,000 secular and curriculum items.

We can provide you with transcripts and a diploma from an accredited source. For high school age students this is very important. Credits are issued according to state requirements allowing for graduation, a diploma, and college entrance.

If the need arises, and you must transfer your student back into the public sector, we assist you by providing the needed transcripts or records, thereby easing entry.

We are required by law to keep daily attendance, health and immunization, standardized testing records, and other documentation for and about your child. This is the foundation for a transcript. A transcript must be from a third party source providing documentation, verification, and facts about your student.

How it works:

The teachers in our school are the parents - YOU.

  • You assume the primary responsibility for the education of your children
  • Your home becomes a satellite school, by contract, with Pinnacle School.
  • You now operate your home school in a facility that has become an extension of our campus.
  • You become a volunteer teacher for our school on our satellite campus.
  • You agree to indemnify Pinnacle from any claims that may arise as a result of activities on the campus.
  • You must certify that you have never been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude (A state requirement) and will, if necessary, forward a copy of your fingerprints and/or submit to a state investigation to verify such certification.

Parents are required to:
1. Provide adult supervision for enrolled students during your chosen school hours.
2. Keep a record of attendance, daily activities, courses, grades, etc.
3. Turn in attendance, grades and all required records mentioned in the contract.
4. Pay tuition.


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