Our son, Kevin Gillihan, graduated from Pinnacle School last year. After working in a family business for a short time, he decided to join the Air Force. He scored 25 points above average on the Air Force entrance exams. Having completed basic training May 9, 2003, he is now in Tech School at Shepherd AFB, Texas. Because of his school record at Pinnacle School and high achievement scores on the Air Force entrance exam and subsequent tests, He was able to pick the school of his choice. He has received a Top Secret clearance from the Air Force and is currently attending school for Weapons Systems Testing and Maintenance. He plans on continuing his education while in the Air Force, getting his Bachelor's Degree and becoming an office through the Air Force's OTC program.

The Air Force readily accepted Pinnacle School's transcripts, both for entrance purposes and continuing academic credit. They indicated that their experience with homeschooled students had been positive. Kevin's test scores and continuing achievements are more proof that homeschooling can be a viable alternative to conventional education. We have a daughter who recently re-enrolled in Pinnacle School after having attended public school this past year. She is interested in a career in literature and found public school to be too restrictive and structured. In the subject areas she was most interested in, ie. Literature, Languages, ect., she was well ahead of her peers and public school didn't offer the intellectual freedom and stimulation she needed. When the time comes, she plans on pursuing her college education in England and is already working toward that goal.

Sheridan L. Gillihan
Kevin and Kristy's father


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